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We start by taking ownership of your artistry, building your brand and making a plan to get what you want - what you really really want!


Here's where we start destroying those creative blocks, becoming more productive, and leveling up up up!


You'll be ready to quit your day-job by learning how to pitch and negotiate, build your team and shake sh*t up in the industry

We have fun AND get it done!

We go deep into what's stopping you from creating at your full potential.

POWER, a 5- week intensive program where you finally 

  • reconnect with your voice and purpose
  • map out the career you want (and stop hiding already!)
  • uncover your brand and super-power.


Hack Your Creative Flow, a 12-week challenge to 

  • overcome the overwhelm
  • finesse your productivity 
  • accomplish a big goal at the end of 2022 - #takeback2022!

Infinite Influence-

an empowered 2021

  •  we'll be reappropriating money with pitch and negotiation
  • building the team (get and keep your agent, manager, publicist, etc.)
  • creating positive change in the industry - f*ck sh*t up!

you'll also get...

  • a community of serious, professional artists
  • weekly group business/flow coaching calls with Tia
  • decolonization and anti-racism training and 
  • tons more added along the way!

Is this program right for you?

Are we a good match?

Should you join this club?

Do you have these qualities?


  • you're an artist (actor, writer, dancer, choreographer, visual artist, musician, multi-hyphenate extraordinaire) who has worked professionally.
  • you want to be in community with powerful "all-in" artists.
  • you want to make money like a  full-time artists.
  • you are kind, fun and friendly.
  • you want to use your art to make a difference in the world.
  • you're ready to be challenged and do the mindset work that comes with growth
  • you like to learn from a Black woman.



Jojo Karlin, Visual Artist and Performer

"...You are amazing and I've been so impressed with this... because you helped me see things that hadn't occurred to me before.  And I'm a devout convert of The Artist's Way, so I guess I thought I was done learning.  Thank you, Tia!!" 

Mellissa Weisbach, Performer & Writer

"I can’t even begin to describe what these two weeks have done for me...I feel like I got the best free gift ever getting to be in your trial group. Thank you thank you thank you"

Actor and Alumni of Hack Your Creative Flow

"I am constantly finding ways to build my business and your challenges certainly add to my work plans."


Alumni of Hack Your Creative Flow

"The space was so encouraging and inviting. I appreciated this experience so much!"

So, what's it gonna be?

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