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Are you ready to take back your CREATIVE POWER?

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Want to learn how to own your voice, create with ease and stack those dolla dolla bills?

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I'm Tia DeShazor! I'm an actor, writer, co-founder of an arts organization -  a super multi-hyphenate!

So, I know it's possible to have a fulfilling career in the arts - actually make money, make a real and lasting impact on the industry- and none of this includes throwing all of your money at CD classes or throwing all of your time into writing snooze-fest grants!

Tia DeShazor

"Just wanted to leave a review of my private coaching with Tia. I did mine at the end of June and wanted to focus on changing my negative thinking around my career, leaving my agent, and building my career as a multi-hyphenate artist. Our conversation was incredibly encouraging. ...I also received concrete steps I could take with regard to a lot of my questions and fears surrounding my career. She also guided me to not leave my agent (which I really wanted to do) but instead she gave me tools to better my relationship with my agent first and since then I've booked work!" - Emma Claye, Performer/Musician

Take me there!
Take me there!

... you are amazing and I've been so impressed with this... You helped me see things that hadn't occurred to me before. And I'm a devout convert of The Artist's Way, so I guess I thought I was done learning. Thank you Tia!!  - Jojo Karlin, Visual Artist / Performer

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